Who We Work With


Coaches and Teams

When a team is off the field, it is common to want to relax, sleep, play video games… anything but work on your skills.  It’s understandable - because without a coach or practice outline, there is no structure.  We provide that support to your team off the field or court.


Physical Education

Whether it’s students studying physical education, or Phys. Ed. teachers at a school, Fitivity brings forth a MASSIVE library of sports, fitness, physical therapy, dance, MMA, and more. The library makes the task of learning an unfamiliar sport or exercise easier and allows the teacher to filter based off the equipment they have access to – creating a better experience for their students.



What wellness incentives lack is an effective tool to reach your organization's goals.  If you're a department head or organization director, rally up your team with our personalized content and accountability from your team!